Vote by Mail


Vote by Mail systems not only encourage voting, but also reinforce use of mail as an important part of life. With the onset of Covid-19, voting in public places can be dangerous, which discourages people from voting. Flooding the system with absentee ballots is time-consuming, especially in states that have not been prepared for major increases in such ballots. Regardless of political affiliation, we should be encouraging everyone to register and to actually vote in elections. Vote by Mail has been very successful in Oregon and a few other states, increasing voter participation with minimal fraud. Oregon recently prosecuted 10 people (out of over 2,000,000) for voter fraud related primarily to multiple-state registration, which also has occurred in states without vote by mail in place.

National and State VBM

There is at least one legislative bill drafted to establish a national Vote by Mail system. If this fails, we can still work to accomplish this on a state-by-state level. Some states already have this in place; others have set up the ability to mail by absentee ballot if the pandemic crisis continues.


Mail letters outlining your support for a national Vote by Mail system to both of your U.S. Senators and your Congressional Representative. This increases use of the mail and shows your congressional reps your support of the Postal Service. See below for how to find their mailing addresses, and a link to a sample letter. It's best to mail to the DC offices because they have opening and scanning technology that enables them to read your mail electronically whereas local offices may not be fully staffed nor have that capability.  THESE LINKS are useful for "Save the Post Office" cards and letters also.

  • Use complete addresses, which can be found at the following website for Senators:, then click on your two U.S. Senators’ names to be directed to their webpages to find their complete mailing addresses, usually under “office locations” in the Washington DC office.
  • For your Representative, visit this website: then page down to your state and click on your Representative to be directed to the webpage. Search for “contact” information, usually under “office locations,” to find the mailing address for the Washington DC office.

  • For cards and letters to the White House>>> The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC 20500.

  • Click on this link to see a sample letter: letter to Congress.