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URGENT: When I developed this website, I hadn’t envisioned that a Postmaster General (PMG) might pose a threat to the existence of the Postal Service (USPS) by institutionalizing delays in mail delivery, and possibly that may not ultimately be the case. However, delaying delivery of mail for whatever reason will likely drive customers to find other ways to communicate and do business. So, one of the most important action items we can take to save USPS is to inundate Congress to let our Senators and Representatives know we want USPS to thrive and to keep service as a top priority. Urge them to provide emergency funding to see USPS through a time of diminished mail volumes brought about by the pandemic. See our Vote by Mail page for links to contact information for Congress. See our Home page for the PMG’s address. Urge him to make and keep service as a top priority.

SIMPLE – Mail at least one postcard or letter every day – to a friend (new or old) or family member, or resident of a retirement community or nursing home.

MATH: The U.S. has about 330,000,000 residents, about 250,000,000 are adults. Postcards cost $.35 each. If 10,000,000 (about 1 out of every 25 adults) people mail a card, that’s about $1.25 billion for a year. See our "Postcards" page for more info.

MORE MATH: UP THE ANTE - If 1,000,000 people mailed a Priority Mail flat-rate padded envelope* ($8.40 each and you can fit a lot in it) to a relative or friend for a pick-me-up gift once every week, that would produce about $435 million of revenue. If 10,000,000 people do this once a week, there will be lots of happy package-openers and USPS will gain about $4.35 billion. 

*Priority Mail flat-rate padded envelopes are not usually in Post Office lobbies, but are available for free and can be ordered at their website See below for more details if you haven't done this before.

Mail the "Constitution of the USA" ~

 Help your friends & family stay informed: mail pocket-size copies of the Constitution of the USA. Go to website, page down to the bottom, click on “Shop,” search for “Constitution” and order a 10-pack for $12 plus shipping. Add a donation if you believe in maintaining our civil liberties.

Read Books ~  

 Support your local bookstores if they are open or offering mail order. If you don’t have a favorite bookseller open or doing it, see the Toadstool Bookshops' website: They take orders online or by phone and mail your books via Media Mail for free.

HINTS for Mailing Priority Mail:

  At the website, click on the menu and select “Sign in.” Sign in if you already have an account or set up an account.

  • On the main page, click on “Buy Stamps,” then “Supplies.” When accessing by computer, click on "Postal Store" ( in the header. There are a variety of Priority Mailing supplies available for free.
  • On the next web-page, page down to “Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelopes” and follow through to order these free shipping envelopes. Be sure to follow through all the prompts.
  • To buy stamps or cards, click on the appropriate link from the “Postal Store” page.
  • If you are mailing fragile items - either add a small box of your own inside the padded mailer or use a Priority Mail flat-rate box.

  Normally, you might take your Priority Mail package into a Post Office, but in this crisis, you might want to use “Click-N-Ship®,” by following these steps:

  • From their website page, click on that option and set up an account.
  • You will then be able to print shipping labels, apply postage, and leave the package for your mail carrier to pick up, if you receive street delivery.
  • If you don’t receive mail every day, you may want to check out the Postal Service’s free package pickup service. See website for more details.

Buy locally as much as possible; using mail order if your local retailers will do it. Some retail shops (such as bookstores) are open and will mail to you. Here is a link to a local NH company with cool greeting cards:

>>> check out Samantha Bee's advocacy to SavethePostalService

GET EXCITED - - We can do this!